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For any real number $p > 0$, define $f_{n, p}:- \mathbb R^n \to \mathbb R$ by $$f_{n, p}({x})={|x_1^p+ \cdots+x_n^p|}^{\frac1p}=\|{x}\|_p,$$ for ${x }=(x_1,\dots,x_n)\in\mathbb R^n$.

$${x }=(x_1,x_2,\dots,x_n)\in\mathbb R^m\quad \hbox{all $x_j\geq1$}$$ $ [n,k-2]$ (linear) code ${a^b}^c$

New test: $ab+bc+cd+d^e=1$.

Another test: $\lambda eadbe+bcd+cdx+dcd^euf=1-\int xyz\, dx + 2z$. abccdddd $n:= e/w/x/u.v$.