As of SageMath 8 native Windows binary installer is available for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and up. You can download it from the GitHub releases page. The installation will put three links on the desktop: SageMath 8.x, SageMath 8.x Shell, and SageMath 8.5 Notebook. Double-click on any of these call up the terminal program mintty.exe for cygwin, and offer different functionalities to use sagemath.

  • SageMath 8.x: Simply take you to the interactive command-line sagemath. You can run sage commands and get answers.

  • SageMath 8.x Shell: Give you a mintty shell. You can run windows (for example, LaTeX) and cygwin commands in the windows path or the cygwin path (type "echo $SAGE_ORIG_PATH" to see the path). Therefore, you can use SageTeX in the shell if your Windows TeX is setup correctly.

  • SageMath 8.x Notebook: Runs the sagemath notebook server, and brings up the default browser to connect to the server. From there, you can create a new notebook and run sage commands in there, or choose an existing sage notebook to continue the previous works.