To compile GGAP on a ubuntu system, Qt is needed. However, the package installer cannot get one that would do the job.  So one has to download the Qt source and compile from the beginning...

  1. Install Qt/X11 from source:
    • Get it from  I got qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.3.tar.bz2.
      bzip2 -d qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.3.tar.bz2
      tar xvf qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.3.tar
      cd qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.3
    • You need g++, libx11, libxext.  To be sure, just install them:
      sudo apt-get install g++ 
      sudo apt-get install libx11-dev 
      sudo apt-get install libxext-dev
      sudo apt-get install libxtst-dev
      sudo apt-get install libxrender-dev
      ./configure -xshape 
      (This may take a while.)
      (Now, this sure will take a LONG time.)
      sudo make install 
      (This will install Qt in /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.4.3/)
    • Edit .bashrc and put the following lines at the end of the file
      export PATH
    • In a new shell, qmake should be recognized.
  2. Compile GGAP:
    • Get it:
      bzip2 -d ggap-1.9.6.tar.bz2
    • You will need zlib:
      sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev
      tar xvf ggap-1.9.6.tar
      cd ggap-1.9.6
    • The program is compiled as