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Since I have updated Joomla to 1.5x, moslatex does not work here.  The TeX codes in this post will not show. The instructions are still valid.  For Joomla 1.5x, some good plug-in and module for LaTeX are available.  See this blog for some information.  

Now I am on Joomla 1.6 3.4 and using MathJax to render $\LaTeX$ formula.  The following IS NOT USED ANYMORE. One nice thing is that I can simply copy $\TeX$ code and paste into my article. See this article.


Now $\LaTeX$ is supported via moslatex bot (not supporting Joomla 1.5 yet), you can have in-line formula like $a+b+c^d$ or displayed formula like $$E\star F=\big\{ a^{(k_i-k_0)(k_i'-k_0')}b^i\mid 0\leq i\leq t-1\big\}$$ Multiline coded formula is supported as well.

For example, the above displayed formula is done with the commands:

\[E\star F=\big\{ a^{(k_i-k_0)(k_i'-k_0')}b^i\mid 0\leq i\leq t-1\big\}\]

Installation Notes.  Since I am uising MikTeX + imagemagick + ghostscript, some parameters needs to be changed as well (also make sure that the path to the bin and lib directories of ghostscript  are included in your system's PATH):


Next, add some packages to $\LaTeX$ compiling:


And it works.