19th International Conference on

Nearrings and Nearfields

Chi-Tou, July 31—August 6, 2005

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  1. Geoff Booth (South Africa): On strongly prime near-rings of continuous functions
  2. Satyanarayana Bhavanari (India): On minimal elements and fuzzy linearly independent elements of N-groups
  3. T. Tamizh Chelvam (India): Weakly b-regular near-rings
  4. Yong Uk Cho (South Korea): A note on R-groups with MR-property
  5. Jörg Forstner (Austria): On solvable polynomial equations over Zn and some remarks on zero-preserving polynomials over a ring R with J(R)2 = 0
  6. Lungisile Godloza (South Africa): Primeness in zero near-rings
  7. Nico Groenewald (South Africa): Prime near ring modules
  8. John Hartney (South Africa)
  9. Feng-Kuo Huang (Taiwan): On graph of a group mapping and its centralizers
  10. Hubert Kiechle (Germany): Is every neardomain a nearfield?
  11. Anthony Mpho Matlala (South Africa): On characterization of the nil-rigid series
  12. Johan Meyer (South Africa): Prime ideals in group near-rings
  13. Christian Neumaier (Austria): Maximal Subnear-rings of M0(G) and bijections generating M0(G)
  14. Gary Peterson (USA): The idempotent quiver of a nearring
  15. Günter Pilz (Austria): Near-rings: Algebra for analysis
  16. Kuncham Syam Prasad (India): On fuzzy dimension on N-groups with DCC on its ideals
  17. Danielle Rusznyak (South Africa): Right radicals and a right antiradical for right d.g. near-rings
  18. Oliver Schwontkowski (Germany): Conjugacy losed loops
  19. Hsin-Min Sun (Taiwan): From planar nearrings to block designs
  20. Stefan Veldsman (South Africa): Near-rings on R[x, y]
  21. Gerhard Wendt(Austria): Left ideals in 1-primitive near-rings


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Organizing Committee:
Yuen Fong and Wen-Fong Ke