19th International Conference on

Nearrings and Nearfields

Chi-Tou, July 31—August 6, 2005

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Second Announcement

Please find below some updated information on cost and schedule. If you are planning to attend the conference, please answer the Questions at the end of this page (hint: cut and paste the questions into your email program) and send it back to Wen-Fong Ke by email. Updated infomation (rate quotes, registered nearringers, etc) will be posted to this site constantly.


1. Registration Fee:

There is a registration fee of USD 40 for partial supporting the conference (including the tour to Palace Museum and Banquet).

2. Accommodation:

Hotel rooms in Chi-Tou Forest Recreational Area are rather expensive at NT 3245/3780 (USD 105/120) per night.  Currently we are negotiating with the the hotel management to lower the rate down to NT 2800/3200 (USD 90/102) and we will inform you of the final rate later. However, each room contains two/three beds, and you may share the room with a colleague or two if you wish.

There is a slight chance that NSC may provide financial support for the conference. In that case, there will be subsides for hotel charges and the rate will be lowered significantly.

There will be no other financial support for the conference

3. Traveling and Schedule:

Travel to Chi-Tou is a nontrivial matter, but we will also provide directions in case you are adventurous.

Here we suggest the following itinerary for your travel.

Arrive in Taipei on or before Sunday via CKS International Airport, July 31.  Stay the Howard International House near National Taiwan University. The rate there is 1700 NT (54 USD) for a single room per night, and 3300 NT (105 USD) for a double room per night.  There is a bus service by Toward You Air Bus Company (3rd one from the bottom) to go from CKS International Airport to Howard Hotel International House. 

On Monday morning, we will first take you from the Howard International House to the National Palace Museum and then to the Chi-Tou in the afternoon by buses.

We will spend Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (and Saturday morning if necessary) for talks.  There will be one invited talk each morning followed by contributed 20 or 30 minute talks for the rest of the day.  There may be a tour to visit aboriginal village combined with the banquet if such arrangement can be made.

On Saturday, there will be buses to take everyone back to Taipei.  We can also arrange for room in the same Howard International House Taipei if you intend to stay and visit Taipei for a few more days.

(Cut and paste the following into your email program first.)

Name: _(Family Name)_, _(Given Name)_

Contact infomation (address, etc):

__ b.1.1 I will not give a talk.

__ b.1.2 I will give a talk; the title is: _(title)_.

__ b.2.1 I plan to come on _(date)_.

__ b.2.2 I plan to stay longer in Taipei after the conference.

__ b.3.1 I will follow the group, or

__ b.3.2 I will go to Chi-Tou by myself.

__ b.4.1 I will have a room by myself (or with my family), or

__ b.4.2 I can share a room with one other, or

__ b.4.3 I can share a room with two others.


Organizing Committee:
Yuen Fong and Wen-Fong Ke